One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a sourcing agent in China is the agent’s influence on different companies and factories in the country. Aside from having strong ties and connections, they should also be able to break the language and cultural barrier as these may also have a great impact during negotiations in a country with a different language and a different culture.

Fortunately, as the leading sourcing companies in China, Elksourcing has established itself as one of the most trusted sourcing agents in the country. With its good reputation, Elksourcing now has good relationships with more than a hundred factories in China, ensuring the success of your business and product sourcing needs.

Family Relationships in China

The Chinese are known for their rich culture and tight family ties. It is important for your sourcing agent to know this because of the following reasons:

·   Business networks in China may be based on familial ties; for example, the father may own the factory and 15 other relatives maybe working in it.

·   A family may be involved in one factory, while other members may be involved in other aspects of the business.

·   Other members of the family may have a different business or a factory that manufactures a product different from those that are manufactured by another family member.

Chances are, if your sourcing agent has established a good relationship with a business that is run by a family, and then the agent may be acquainted, and has connections. With other businesses or factories owned by the family. More connections mean more choices.

Good Relationships and Product Sourcing

Having good relationships with different factories, a sourcing agency will do its job more efficiently.

One of the services that Elksourcing is confident about is product sourcing. When doing product sourcing, Elksourcing establishes specifications based on samples, designs, and quality expectations given by a client. Because they have good relations with different factories, they can easily communicate these specifications and get an initial quote from the factory.

Negotiating would be more successful when the agent knows the owners or heads of the factory, and chances are they would get better prices and lead-time. Elksourcing also works with factories to develop the samples; then, the samples are evaluated through compliance tests.

If problems on quality would result from the test, then Elksourcing would also work with the factory to improve the samples to be able to meet the client’s expectations.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Selling could be a success if you know what to sell and you know where to get your products. But given your limitations, you cannot do everything all by yourself. It is not even enough to do research alone regarding where to look and which factory to contact for your specific needs. Fortunately, Elksourcing will always be ready to help you with your sourcing product needs in China.

With Elksourcing’s established relations with different factories and its commitment to meet their client’s requirements, they are indeed the sourcing agent to trust and go to for all your sourcing needs.


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