After you place an order to a factory in China, you must be anxiously wait for the products. Besides of lead time, the most important thing is to make sure the products are made to your spec. How to insure it? You may choose an inspection company to do quality control on behalf of you, or you want to do it yourself? 

1) Choosing an Inspection Company

Choosing a China inspection company often makes sense for those who plan to have products manufactured in a factory there. Company selection should be as thorough a process as choosing a manufacturer, as you want to ensure that you will be able to communicate with the company effectively. This is the key to receiving high-quality goods from China without having to visit by yourself.

Do your homework. Choosing a company that is easy to work with to represent your interests is a big decision, and you should feel confident that the company is able to accurately represent your interests throughout the process and communicate necessary changes or adjustments to be made.

2) Confidence in the Process

Enlisting the help of a quality control company allows for a customer to have confidence that the end-product that will be delivered to them is as accurate as possible. This is one of the primary reasons to utilize a third-party company to provide oversight to the manufacturing process in China. Inspection company responsibilities include clearly communicating about and understanding a customer’s needs, clarifying information that may be unclear or too open for interpretation and providing the customer with feedback throughout the process to ensure that expectations are being clearly communicated to the manufacturer. It is also their responsibility to monitor that these expectations are being met or letting you know why they are not.

A customer should have confidence in the company that they choose to conduct the inspections on their behalf. Open communication is a significant confidence builder, and the best inspection companies are used to dealing with customers from a variety of locales. This can help bridge communication, language and cultural gaps that may otherwise interfere with the manufacturing process.

3) Cost Savings

A trip to China can cost you $3000 or so, depending on where you are traveling from. A local China inspection company is likely to cost a small fraction of that price, providing a significant savings to the customer. These savings are also often seen throughout the manufacturing process, as the inspection company can provide the customer with real-time updates on the process. This gives them an opportunity to address issues immediately, which results in fewer wasted materials and resources.

Choosing an inspection company is a wise decision if a customer does not plan to make a trip to China themselves to ensure proper product completion. It is a viable way to help ensure that the process goes smoothly and tends to be significantly more cost-effective for the customer in the long run.


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