Although in many western people’s mindset, China is famous for “cheap” products, in fact, quality products can be obtained from a manufacturer in China, if the buyer can make some efforts in the process. The following are my suggestions.

1) Provide clear instructions

Clear, concise, and detailed instructions are essential for obtaining high-quality products from a manufacturer in China. The more information that you provide, the more likely the manufacturer is able to make you the product in good quality. It is important to be as clear as possible and to set your minimum standards up front. Having someone to perform quality control in China on the ground will help ensure these standards are met.

2) Explain product’s function

Explaining what the product does, so as to help the manufacturer ensure that they are making it correctly. Knowing what a product is expected to do at beginning when it is completed allows quality control to effectively do their job at the end of the process. This is one of the key places where details become most apparent.

3) Obtain a sample 

Obtaining a sample before placing an order should be common sense, but many customers cannot wait to go right into a bulk order, confident that their design will speak for itself, this is rarely the case. Your designs often require tweaks before they are good enough to be mass-produced. Ordering a sample will help ensure that the product that you receive is correct before placing an order. This will avoid wasting money and valuable time.

4) Pay attention to quality control

Quality control at various stages throughout the process is important. Whether you’re using in-house or outsourced quality control, it is recommended that you have various checkpoints throughout the process, so your product is made per specifications. A good plan for quality control allows for customers to do this with confidence.


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