Nowadays, there’re so many B2B websites like Alibaba, Global Sources, Made-In-China, etc, it’s so easy to find factories for your sourcing needs. In fact, it’s TOO EASY! So, you will find dozens or even hundreds of factories, so you will be puzzled, who is the best factory to work with? It’s very difficult to verify them, quite often, you end up with working with a lousy factory, and suffer in quality, time, even money!

Therefore, lots of sourcing veterans recommend working with a verified China Sourcing Company, what’re the benefits?

1. Trust. This is the most important thing in business, especially when dealing with suppliers in ten thousand miles away. It’s safe to work with a China sourcing company which has been officially verified.

2. Better communication. Factories are strong in producing goods, but usually they are not strong in communications, as they lack of English speaking talents and the experience of dealing with foreign buyers.

3. Better payment terms. China factories usually work at slim margins, they cannot afford any risks in payment, that’s why they always ask for 100% TT before shipment. However, sourcing companies have more funds in business and better way of controlling risks, so they can offer better payment terms.

4. Better quality control. Sourcing companies will inspect goods during production, and before shipment, usually, their QC staff are more professional and independent from factory, so the quality can be better monitored.

5. No limit of product categories. They can work with many factories in China so as to provide you a vast range of products. This allows you to source different products and ship together in same container. You don’t need to find many suppliers to contact with and build relationship again if you plan to import different products, save lots of time and hassles.

6. Small MOQ. They work with factories flexibly. By using various sourcing channels, they can find domestic sources that you are hard to reach.

7. Easy to get samples. Most of them are willing to send samples because they are easy to get samples from factories.

8. Quicker lead time. When necessary, they can choose alternative factories who have better production capacity, so as to be flexible in lead time.

9. Smooth export process. As sourcing companies are experienced in export, they know export process very well, so the whole process is smooth and under control.


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