Nowadays, more and more importers realize that it is important to hire a purchasing agent in China to help them, as indeed there are lots of benefits of doing so. The following are some of the key work the purchasing agent can do on behalf of you.

1) Supplier Evaluation

China purchasing agent will evaluate suppliers, review products, and negotiate contacts. A purchasing agent will assess any supplier on the basis or quality, price, and speed of delivery when it comes to products and services. He or she will interview any kind of vendor and pay a visit to the distribution centers and plants of any supplier to learn about and examine products, prices, and services. A purchasing agent will also attend trade shows, meetings, and conferences just to learn even more about industry trends. He or she will work hard to make contacts with any sort of supplier.

2) Price Proposals

Your purchasing agent in China will analyze any kind of price proposal and financial reports. He or she can analyze any other information just to determine any reasonable prices. A purchasing agent will negotiate contacts just on behalf of your organization, and she or he can also work out any agreements with your suppliers. He or she will determine the right action to take when an unacceptable or defective service or products is found. Your purchasing agent will also monitor and evaluate any kind of contract just to be sure that suppliers and vendors comply with the conditions and terms of a contract. 

3) Quality Control

Quality is crucial to the success of your business, however, as you are tens of thousand miles away, it is very difficult for you to control the quality. Then, your purchasing agent in China will can play an important role. The team on the ground will visit your China suppliers’ facility, to check products on production line, perform visual/function/packaging check and do online testing when necessary. So, before the products leave China, you will get a thorough inspection report and judge if or not to release them. All these happen before you pay the final payments, so, you stand at a strong position to negotiate with China suppliers.

4) Logistics Handling

A purchasing agent can arrange logistics for you in China. China purchasing agent will deliver your goods to the Sea port or airport When the product is packed. The next is for you to deal with customs and other related customs services. So it’s important to have a purchasing agent in China.

5) Maintaining Record

Your purchasing agent will review and maintain records of costs, items bought, deliveries, inventories, and product performance. He or she can buy nondurable and durable goods, farm products, and services for your organization or institution. A purchasing agent will work hard to get the best deal for your company out of the negotiating process. Getting the highest quality services and products at the lowest cost is the goal of any purchasing agent out there. Your purchasing agent will gather a lot of information about the trend of your industry in China so he or she can give you what you need.

Now that you know more about what a purchasing agent can do for you, you just have to take what we call a bold action. This will allow you to get what you need in a decent amount of time if you do the right things at the right time. Remember that your purchasing agent can evaluate your suppliers in China so you can get the best products and services at just the lowest possible prices.


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